Management Strategy

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Numerical targets is to Reach 10% or higher in ROA(ordinary income) and ROE(net income) . We will work to ensure synergies between four strategies.

Numerical targets is to Reach 10% or higher in ROA(ordinary income) and ROE(net income) .
To realize its management philosophy of helping people pursue a healthy heart and body while contributing to society, we formulated strategies for each segment (Drug Store business, Pharmacy business, and Other business); a customer strategy; a human resource strategy; and a brand strategy. We will work to ensure synergies between these strategies. It aims to respond flexibly to changes in the operating environment while proceeding in line with the core of the strategies.

Management Principle: To pursue the health of mind and body, and to contribute to the community. Corporate Slogan: Becoming the "Omotenashi" No.1

Management Policy: Establish a community-based healthcare network; Foster competent human resources that can satisfy society's needs

Management Strategy

Numerical targets

Basic capital policy framework

Our basic policy is to continue innovating management processes, and to work for the benefit of our stakeholders and contribute to development of local communities by improving the efficiency of capital management, in order to maintain sustainable growth and improve corporate value over the medium-term.
To achieve this, we aim improve management efficiency by setting ROE and ROA targets as management indicators. Specifically, we hope to improve our profitability and promote efficient use of management resources to achieve a target medium-term ROE and ROA of at least 10%.

Shareholder returns

In addition to shareholder returns, our policy is to make capital investments in line with the future business environment and our business plans, and to invest in overseas businesses, M&A, and the field of comprehensive healthcare. By doing so, we hope to improve cash flow, which over the medium-term will improve corporate and shareholder value.

To achieve this, we will continue to return profits to shareholders in line with business performance, and to consider the total payout ratio and DOE, with the goal of maintaining steady dividends. We will also consider share buybacks based on market conditions, capital efficiency, and our capital ratio.