Management Principle

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Management Principle: To pursue the health of mind and body, and to contribute to the community. Corporate Slogan: Becoming the "Omotenashi No.1"

Management Policy: Establish a community-based healthcare network; Foster competent human resources that can satisfy society's needs

What is "Omotenashi"? "Omotenashi" is Japanese for customer-oriented hospitality. By using the word "Omotenashi," we mean first-class, personal service in the area of healthcare. We also define it as :   Basic "Omotenashi" To provide customers with value-for-money goods and services of the required quality when needed in a comfortable environment, at an acceptable price.   Presentation "Omotenashi" To fully respect the interests and tastes of customers and to provide suggestions / advice that make them realize the need for goods and services that they were previously unaware of .