Message from the President

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Atsushi Tsukamoto
Atsushi Tsukamoto

Domestic economy, from the effects of economic policy by the government, has finally come to signs of economic recovery can be seen. However, rise in prices due to the impact and the yen depreciation of the consumption tax hike, such as unstable economic situation in the world, the outlook is still uncertain.

Under such circumstances, we “To pursue the health of mind and body ,to contribute to the community” group of management philosophy, and to unify all the store management system in the drugstore-dispensing business, We made a drastic reform to the operating structure. Community promotion of drugstore management by those reforms, streamline the promotion of store operations, such as the creation of the optimal format of each store division, to strengthen the store management system, and store local community, and in your area, it is more support we promoted you have a building. With this new system, we will pursue even greater “omotenashi”, enhance our presence as a new hub of medicine fulfilling an important role in our customers' lives, and help us offer "lifestyle solution stores" that make peoples' minds and bodies healthier.

Under our management principle that states “To pursue the health of mind and body, and to contribute to the community,” our goal going forward is to build a community-based healthcare network that seamlessly integrates our drugstore, pharmacy, nursing care services and e-commerce operations.