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Cocokara fine Group provides a comprehensive lineup of healthcare services, including nursing care services, at-home services and online shopping, centered on its core drugstore and pharmacy business operations.

Drugstore Operations

Our Group clearly demarcates itself from typical price-oriented drugstores that focus solely on convenience by offering high-value-added service with a focus on customer-centric sales based on the wealth of specialized knowledge and consultation capabilities of our staff.
We offer a robust training regimen for employees and staff to ensure we can provide the right health and beauty advice to our customers. This is essential because our drugstores carry a vast selection of daily essentials, with a focus on health and beauty items that satisfy the needs of our customers. Our drugstores are found in suburbs, urban residential areas as well as bustling shopping and entertainment districts, with each store tailored to the characteristics of its surrounding community.


Pharmacy Operations

With the separation of pharmacy from medical practice, the cocokara fine Group is focused on enhancing its pharmacy operations in order to become the drugstore of choice for all consumers. We are aggressively expanding our pharmacy network through standalone dispensaries as well as stores with a drugstore and pharmacy under the same roof and outlets in medical malls. We maintain a large headcount of highly skilled pharmacists that we provide training to in order to enhance their ability to provide information to the customer through pharmaceutical dosage instructions and dialog. We are also actively looking at new ways to provide our pharmacy services with extra offerings such as advice on health and medication, including an at-home dispensary service for customers who find it difficult to get to one of our pharmacies.


Nursing Care Services

The cocokara fine Group also provides nursing care services as part of its commitment to play a leading support role throughout the entire life of its customers in today's modern society, which is faced with an aging population and declining birthrate. We are able to provide total support solutions that span from at-home nursing care services to the operation of assisted living facilities for the elderly by means of our close collaboration with community medical providers. We are fully committed to supporting the lives of senior citizens by leveraging the variety of service provided by our group companies to foster an environment where both service users and their families can live with comfort and peace of mind.