Our Strengths

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The cocokara Fine Group is a Leading
Healthcare Service Provider focused on
Drugstore and Pharmacy Operations

About 1,300 stores in the area more than 80% of Japan

Over the years we've become an important part of our customers' lives and have expanded our store network through M&A as well as new store openings in order to make their shopping experience even more convenient and care free. As a result, we now have a network of some 1,300 stores located in every corner of Japan. Moving forward, we plan on continuing a path of aggressive expansion to close the distance with our customers and to provide outstanding "omotenashi".

Company A Cocokara fine:1,300 stores;Company B: Company C: Company D:

Store in accordance
with the location

 Urban drugstores

Strengthen the service and convenience

Drugstores in shopping streets

Expanding its expertise by counseling sale

Drugstores in residential areas

Specialized to respond to regional customer needs

Community drugstores

Enrich the lineup for one-stop shopping

The Leader in Japan's Pharmacy Industry

Our goal is to become the drugstore of choice in Japan for both self-medication and prescription drugs by aggressively opening not only standalone dispensaries, but also combined outlets that include a drugstore and pharmacy under the same roof.
At the same time, our commitment to safety and customer service remains unrivaled. This is demonstrated by our robust training programs for pharmacists and roll out of a pharmaceutical data management system that ensures correct dosage instructions are always given. Our efforts in safety and customer service have received strong praise from the market and have helped us build a solid track record as a leader in Japan's drugstore sector across multiple indicators, including dispensing fees.

Dispensing Fees:No. 1 in the drugstore industry; Dispensing Sales Ratio:No. 1 in the drugstore industry;
Pharmacies that Dispense over 1,000 Prescriptions per Month:No. 1 In the drugstore industry;

Our Corporate Slogan is "Omotenashi No.1"

Each of our stores places emphasis on interior design in order to provide "omotenashi" to every customer that walks through the door. This includes even and level floors, flooring materials with added grip, wider aisles, and large, easy-to-read signage. Each of these ensures our customers have a positive experience in our stores.

Visit the Management Principle page for more details.

wider aisles

Expanding in a Variety of Fields Centered on Drugstores and Pharmacies

We are expanding our presence in various business fields centered on drugstore and pharmacy operations in order to meet today's increasing demand for preventative care and self-medication. Through an increase in the number of our combined drugstore and pharmacy outlets, the expansion of at-home pharmacy services, and the growth of our nursing care services, we are serving as an integral healthcare service provider helping to the enhance the quality of life of our customers.

Visit the Businesses page for more details.

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