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Cocokara fine is committed to providing its customers with a healthier mind and body as a leader in "omotenashi".

Brand Origin

The cocokara fine brand was born from the belief that we want to improve the health of our customers' minds and bodies.

The word Coco combines the word "co-work", which refers to the relationship we maintain with our many different stakeholders, and the phrase "coco kara hajimaru" in Japanese which means everything starts from here.

This makes cocokara fine an "Omotenashi No. 1" company.
This also makes cocokara fine an outlet that provides its customers with a healthier mind and body.
In this regard, cocokara fine represents an all new service provider unlike any before it.

Corporate Logo

Cocokara fine's visual communication keywords are: "Active", "Friendly", and "Comfortable".

Being an "Omotenashi No. 1" company, we communicate with our stakeholders using three keywords as important guidelines.

The design of our corporate logo also incorporates these concepts.

The color coral was chosen for our corporate logo because of the comfort and peace of mind it affords. The "C" shape stands for cocokara fine, while the colon at right is used to articulate the fact that we play many roles for our customers.

The colon also symbolizes our drive to continually develop and expand the cocokara fine brand.

The white cross formed between the "C" and colon represents our steadfast commitment as a pharmaceuticals dispenser to ensure safety, security and reliability for every customer.